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Dr. Kawaljeet

Addiction does not allow anybody to escape


Dr Kawaljeet, a Hermitage graduate grows stronger in Sikhism faith

Alcoholism is a condition where a person has a physical dependence on alcohol, craves it and has withdrawal symptoms if he or she tries to quit.

Punjab has a drug problem like other states of India. Drug traffickers make their way

into the area and make the state a hub of their operations. Pakistan drug cartels transport illegal drugs into the area. However, the problem with alcohol cannot be ignored. Heavy drinking and alcoholism exists throughout Punjab. Although alcohol is legal, it is no less dangerous. According to latest WHO report addiction to alcohol has the most negative consequences and for alcoholics it takes them lots of years before they realize that they need treatment than a regular drug addict. These many more years in alcoholism act like a slow poison killing them softly.

Dr kawaljeet, is one of those unfortunates in Punjab who had been heavily affected by alcoholism Looking at him you would find a smart sardar, who has a jolly nature making people around him laugh, a good singer and dancer. But, no one even in their wild guesses could make out that this sardar, Doctor by profession, who seems like relishing his life could be holding behind him 25 years of alcohol addiction.

What lead him into alcoholism was his own fears and suffocation, which he felt throughout his childhood. He used to feel that his parents were very controlling, as he was not allowed to go out and make friends, when he was a kid. Even he was not encouraged to mix with his cousins from paternal side.

All this loneliness, anger and resentment pushed him to alcoholism. With a drink in his hand he could finally feel free from all the miseries, failures and rejections. So he choose Alcohol over everything in his life.

As alcohol became his master, the slave Dr Kawaljeet followed what his master ordered. At home he used to beat his own kids and wife when they stopped him from drinking, or when they refused to give him any money. He spent several nights out on the streets of Rayya (Amritsar). Black outs and passing urine in his pants was a regular occurrence. He experienced several fits, and got his liver damaged severely. While in addiction, he even spent 6 months in imprisonment.

The turning point in his life came when his disease was diagnosed here at Hermitage. Though being a doctor himself, he was never aware that alcoholism is a disease and not just lack of will power or any weakness in character. So he realized that just like any other disease he needs a treatment.

During his stay at Hermitage he focused on how to add a new value system in his life, got back into his profession of serving patients, started to reach out to new patients, became a responsible father and a husband and his faith in Sikhism grew even stronger

“ I would like to thanks Dr JPS Bhatia, Navneet Sir, the recovery program at hermitage, my batch mates and even the newcomers who come to hermitage family."

“Right time is right now to become a better person in life” says Dr Kawaljeet.