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Addiction does not allow anybody to escape


A person addicted to drugs finds himself quite isolated and alone. His family and friends alienate him. As he struggles with his addiction his relations are destroyed. The excitement which lures one into drugs slowly becomes a constant circle of carelessness, criminal activity, and numbness. The hopelessness felt by an addict is beyond imagination. All this is very true for Gurpartap. A young Punjabi lad, having an athletic body, who used to enjoy being on the field practicing javelin. He had a perfect life. But when addiction came it took away everything along with it. The only thing left in his life was drugs. His routine was to take drugs and to arrange for the next dose. His daily usage was beyond limits. All this had great impact on his body. But even worse was his relations with his family and friends , the social boycott he was facing . He was sinking. A time had come when he used to do drugs but it never used to have an effect on him. This helplessness brought him to treatment. In the beginning it was only about bringing an end to his withdrawals and cravings. But as he regained his physical strength and his mind healed, he started following the path of recovery. While staying at hermitage Gurpartap worked on his behaviors, his obsessions, his habits and has completely transformed his life. 'I would not have survived if I were not at Hermitage', says Gurpartap with a shine in his eyes and smile on his face.