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Mental Health

Mental health plays a significant role in contributing to drug addiction. Drugs offers an easy escape from stress and anxiety that your mind ma not to be equipped to handle by itself. However, high reliance takes no time n turning into drug dependency. Our team skilled counselors and therapists at The Hermitage rehab centre, take utmost care to heal your mind and ensure better mental health as you work towards your sobriety.

In mental health terms, a crisis does not necessarily refer to an accident, natural disaster or some traumatic event. A psychiatric crisis usually emerges from disruptive behavior of a loved one. It can be domestic violence, deliberate self harm, suicidal intent or attempt, psychotic depression, threatened honour killing, home runaway and outrageous behaviours resulting from addiction/alcoholism. If the crisis is left untreated, it can lead to irreparable damage or may be a loss of precious life.

Here at The Hermitage we provide the safe, pertinent, and timely assessment of patient’s symptoms and their resolution. Once we are done with crisis management which includes emergency relief and hospitalization at Bhatia Neuropsychiatric hospital and de-addiction centre, Our staff takes responsibility for effective services for clients reconciliation amongst the family members who are torn apart by a psychiatric crisis through ongoing counseling and other essential forms of assistance.


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