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Drug Addiction Treatment

In an exclusive and luxurious environment for clients, we at The Hermitage offer the most comprehensive and intensive treatment for drug and medication addiction. We treat physical and psychological symptoms and equally important, we treat underlying issues that lead to drug or medication abuse in the first place.

While our treatment program is individually tailored to each client and his or her individual situation and needs, we follow a general pattern with these major focus points:

Treating psychological and physical symptoms caused by drug abuse, including physical detox and repairing any identified damage to the body and brain. Identifying and treating the underlying reasons for addiction: bio-chemical, psychological, physical, social, and spiritual.

Providing our clients with the therapy and tools needed to ensure long-term recovery.

We treat our clients in exclusive surroundings with absolute privacy and discretion. Our in-patient treatment program normally lasts for 100 days, depending on the individual needs of each client.


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