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Recreational Activities

— An alternate mechanism for therapeutically assisting client to reconnect with themselves


Recreational Activities

Art & craft Therapy is a form of expressive therapy that uses the creative process of making art to improve a person's physical, mental and emotional well being.
It is used as a THERAPEUTIC TECHNIQUE which integrates the fields of human development, visual art ( drawing, painting, sculpture and other art forms) and the creative process qith models of counselling and psychotherapy.
In HERMITAGE, we use Art &craft therapy with individual/clients that have wide range of difficulties or diagnosis.
These include emotional, behavioural and mental health problems; learning or physical disabilities, life limiting conditions of all ages.

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IT IS BASED ON THE FACT THAT CREATIVE PROCESS IS A SELF EXPRESSION TO REDUCE STRESS, MANAGE BEHAVIOUR AND TO ACHIEVE INSIGHT. It helps the client to express themselves, explore their emotions n feelings n enhances their personal growth. It facilitates a path of RECOVERY for various mental health related issues.
In HERMITAGE the professional choose choose the materials and interventions appropriate to the client's need: thereby plans are designed with TAILOR MADE APPROACH. It focus on the analysis of self expression as communicated in the therapy.
The professional encourage the clients to create, draw, paint or colour accordingly. She allows them to let their creative juices flow out and add colours to the canvas of their lives.

Follow are the main benefits of this therapy :

  • 1. Bilateral coordination-crafts such as colouring, drawing, cutting require the individuals to use both of their hands in a controlled and organised manner. This skill is important in the areas of their lives such as writing, typing, doing household chores etc.
  • 2. Fine motor coordination-It usually involves the synchorinazation of hands n finger with the eyes. In order to draw shapes, cut pattern or write in different fonts this skill is useful, which helps them in the areas of academic setting, dressing, eating and much more.
  • 3. Self regulation-crafts that require waiting.This is a great lesson to demonstrate self control and patience.
  • 4. Decision making- It helps the individuals to explore their ideas and to finalise the technique they will use individually
  • 5. Self esteem booster- Completing the tasks, posters, craft successfully gives them a great sense of accomplishment and pride.
  • 6.Bonding and fun-When they create, they spend time together, learning team and sharing.

The team of hermitage is proud to share the marvellous results of this therapy with the clients.
Our patient Ms.Z, who had lost her interest in oil paintings and was dysfunctional from last five years. This therapy did wonders for her.The session was conducted in Hermitage where she started recognising her talent and rejuvenate it. In a span of 60 days, about 70 paintings were made and guess what:Even an exhibition was organised in hospital itself which was a great success.
Another patient Ms.y had Dementia where this therapy helped her to learn skills and to meet her daily functioning.
No more words to conclude! This the ray is awesome!! It can help anyone and any age group.

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