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Psycho Therapy

— The process of seeking professional assistance for resolves to mental emotional behaviour or social difficulties


Psychological Therapy

We provide our clients with a variety of psychological services ranging from psychological assessments, counseling, psychotherapthy, and rehabilitation.

We believe that each individual has a unique personality and thus they possess a distinctive blend of temperament, personality traits, belief systems, strenghts and vulnerabilities.

Our psychologists utilize standard psychological tools with a specific purpose to assess the areas that require clinical attention. Selection of tests is carefully done on the basis of client's clinical interview after identifying their particular requirements.

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The findings of psychological assessments in light of clinical history provides insights regarding the vulnerabilities, triggers, maintaining and protective factors for a given case.

This information equips the psycbologist to draw useful inferences about patient's illness and in decide the most suited line of treatment.

Psychotherapthy and counseling are psychological modes of treatment aiming at modifying or correcting client's malfunctioning behavioral patterns, emotional dysregulation and erroneous thought processes that interfer with thier healthy adjustment to thier environment and degrades their overall functioning and quality of life.

Our experienced psychotherapists provide clients with desirable one on one clinical attention in a safe environment that ensures client confidentiality.

We utilize tailor made case formulations for each client and target their symptoms with the most appropriate psychotherapeutic means proven to alleviate the symptom manifestation.

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