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Mobile Addiction

Mobile addiction is defined as chronic or periodic obsessions caused by repeated use of mobile phones, which may lead to intense and sustained demand and reliance.


Mobile Addiction

MOBILE ADDICTION we use our mobile gadgets to work, play, share, learn, communicate, and stave off boredom. However, the increase in reliance on technology has a downside: People are relying more and more on their smartphones and sometimes to an unhealthy degree.

The following are some of the SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS of cell phone addiction :

  • Reaching for the phone first thing in the morning: When something becomes a vital part of your daily routine, it can affect thinking and emotions. Almost 68 percent of adults sleep with their phones near the bed.
  • Using cell phones when bored: Many people experience feelings of excitement or euphoria before or after using their smartphone. This creates a highly addictive response, causing them to want to repeat the action over and over, the same article explains.
  • Increasing cell phone use:Tolerance is the need to receive an ever-increasing dose to reach the desired high, and is similar to alcohol abuse. And with the increasing number of new uses for the cell phone, and the proliferation of available downloads, it is easy to access the next exciting new thing.
  • Becoming anxious or agitated when the cell phone is out of sight: Symptoms like stress, irritability, and panic that occur when individuals can’t find their phone or are separated from it indicate that they have formed a dependency.
  • People complain about cell phone use: If loved ones frequently mention that individuals are always on their phone and that it bothers them, it is likely time to cut back. Smartphone use could be negatively impacting social life or family time.
  • Inability to cut back on cell phone use: Relapse occurs when you set every intention to cut back on your phone use, but find yourself reaching for it with a force that seems beyond your control.

Other signs of mobile dependency include using a device to bypass negative feelings or forget a troubling event, losing track of time while on the device, and physical repercussions such as eye strain, neck pain, and


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