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Internet Addiction

— The disease of a tech savy world


Internet addiction

Is an impulse-control disorder

There are three subtypes of internet addiction:

  • 1. Excessive gaming.
  • 2. Sexual preoccupations.
  • 3. Email or text messaging.

It functions as an escape from real life—internet addicts often use the internet as a fantasy world to connect with people online as a substitute for connecting with people face to face. Many of those with an addiction to the internet are unable to achieve these relationship connections normally. This utter mental and social dependence makes the internet inevitable for their lives. It becomes an integral part of them , like a vital organ -- must for their survival. They get totally oblivious between the virtual and the reality. This mirage that they start living in cannot be UNPLUGGED without psyclogical help.

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internet addiction treatment programs in india in England & India, Punjab
  • 1. These people experience tremendous anxiety when they are forced to be without their phones, computers, or tablets.
  • 2. They feel angry or irritable if their internet time is interrupted.
  • 3. Using the internet as diversion for feelings of depression and stress, or using it for substituting sexual excitement. ( not porn )
  • 4. They Isolate themselves from family and friends in favor of the internet.
  • 5. They feel a sense of euphoria from using the internet.

Hermitage Integrated Treatment :

Cognitive behavioral therapy helps guide the client through a process of identifying and recognizing the specific thoughts that lead them to turn to the internet for comfort or satisfaction. By recognizing these powerful and controlling thoughts, the person can then begin to use different methods of coping with these thoughts and emotions instead of turning to the internet. Therapy can also teach a patient healthier methods of coping with unpleasant emotions, such as depression and anxiety, that often surface when giving up an addiction. The most common co-occurring disorder that presents with internet addiction is anxiety. By employing this treatment option, withdrawal symptoms can be kept to a minimum so that the person can safely and slowly stop using the internet.

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