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— Depression is the Global epidemic of today's world



Depression has become a major epidemic of our era which affects a person's psychological state, biological health, occupational productivity, social relationships and spiritual connect. Depression is characterized by persistent sadness, decreased interest in previously enjoyable activities, lack of energy, isolation and withdrawals. Unlike what people generally believe, depression isn't in a person's head. Instead depression is diagnosed when a person feels unable to feel better no matter how much they try. Depression is an illness, requires professional diagnosis, and specialized care from experts.

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depression treatment in England, India & Punjab

At The Hermitage, we provide comprehensive treatment for the management of depression. Our experts pay keen attention to each client's life circumstances, emotional processing, behavioral pattern and belief systems which enables them to look beyond the symptoms in order to identify the causes for their depression.

We utilise a comprehensive approach to help our clients overcome their depression and improve their functioning in all the areas of daily life functioning: personal, social, emotional, occupational and spiritual. The comprehensive approach coupled with our focus on individualized case formulations and treatment plans assist the client's needs in the best suited manner and a transformation from disease to stable recovery and healthy life is achieved.


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