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Women during their treatment in rehab

01.04.2017 - Admin

Many women don't speak about the drug abuse or alcoholism. It has become a social stigma in our Indian society which brings fear in them to share about their problems with others. Women go through many problems like child abuse, domestic violence, depression, stress, marital affairs, relationship issues, drug abuse etc. They don't get a way out to ventilate their issues but The Hermitage is such a home like place which provides a platform for all the women to come and share their problems. It is the 1st rehab centre in northern India which provides WIT program (ie. Women Integrated Treatment) along with a family rehab. My personal experience as a psychologist while dealing with the female patients during their treatment made me realise that feeling of emptiness, stress, parental issues and many such issues lead them into drugs. A female patient who is just 21 years old is a heroin addict and her reason for addiction was that the love she needed from her parents  was not there for her  hence she made relations with other people outside and  tried different things but all went in vain. The patient shared her feelings with me and she also said "before coming to Hermitage, she was very stubborn, rude had arguments with parents almost every day, was dependent on others and unable to manage her day to day activities. Hermitage provided her a place where she could bring changes in her behavior, thoughts and taught her how to stay away from addiction. With the help of daily meetings and counseling sessions she learnt the skills to cope up with addiction and behavior issues apply in them in practical life as well. WIT is a totally different program in which proper counseling is given to female patients and caregivers and they are guided how to live  a stress free and healthy life.


Mansha Talwar