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Whose fault is it , anyways ?

18.02.2017 - Admin


Pornography is as old as the oldest occupation ( prostitution )  in the world. It is a common phenomenon in all ages. Mostly it is the men who fall into this ADDICTION.

We often come across these cases in our hospital. These are usually married men, who have entered a phase of impotency or erectile malfunction.

This is caused due to low self-esteem and an acute sense of worthlessness. But, the real misery is the  lack of empathy and understanding from their spouses. The spouses keep on thinking that its a HABIT, whereas it is a DISEASE which can be treated by medicine and counseling.

The problem is similar in the younger generation as well. Their educational grades go down, they tend to become lonely, and also stop communication with their parents. A sense of shame and guilt engulfs their mentality.  This can lead to self – harming tendencies in the adolescents.

We , at the Hermitage ( Life Skills Training Institute ) provide these patients with due respect and empathy. They are counseled to regain confidence.

In fact, during treatment in The Hermitage they are made to realize the importance of relationship, and why it needs to be savored. Porn, as an easy substitute for sexual pleasure without maintaining physical relationship, needs to be shunned because it ends up in ADDICTION , which is a BIO-PSYCHO-SOCIO DISEASE.