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Understanding Bipolar Disorder

07.03.2017 - Admin

She came all wrapped up in anger, abusing and hitting people. She ran away from her hometown Pathankot and was found in Amritsar. She till date does not remember how she came, and who all were there with her in her journey but she stayed with them whoever they were. This is what BIPOLAR DISORDER does to you. Her parents somehow managed to find her through police and then She was brought to BHATIA NEURO PSYCHIATRIE HOSPITAL Amritsar. The family was unaware as to what is the reason behind their daughters bizarre behavior but they were explained the disorder and were assured that she would improve with long term treatment. After some days she was shifted to THE HERMITAGE for learning her life skills, she was all ready to back fire on whatever she said. She used to abuse her counselor, used to threaten her and push her away, but the counselor decided not to give up. With medications and continuous counseling. She gained insight and started respecting others and the counselor she used to threaten now at present she calls her, her best friend and now she comes up for her regular check up and is leading a happy and cheerful life.