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The Hermitage (a drug Rehab) Humanised me! (Dr. Nisha Chhabra)

23.02.2017 - Admin

Being topper throughout my student life, I aspired to be a competent Clinical Psychologist too. This dream led my path to Dr.J.P.S. Bhatia, a renowned Neuro psychiatrist in Amritsar. He consented to train me with his unmatched adroitness. Having read so much about Clinical Psychology, I was confident to attain perfection in my field. I was told to interact with drug addicts, psychotic patients and their families staying at the Hermitage. I listened to their woes and sagas of suffering. This often stimulated my tear glands and rekindled my heart with compassion and empathy. My pride in knowledge seemed to dissolve in the waters of humility and service. The divine design provided me an appropriate platform for the application of academic knowledge etched in my brain. An addict's 'thank you' and improved behavior mattered to me more than any other treasure. My ambition changed from becoming a proficient Psychologist to a 'healing Psychologist'. I owe this to the Hermitage, to recovering drug addicts, my teachers and to Dr. Bhatia's Intellectual stimulation. The qualities of a good counsellor penned down by Carl Rogers i.e. Empathy, Genuineness and Unconditional Regard got imbibed in my 'Being. in a drug Rehab called The Hermitage.