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The BBC team was amazed at the innovative techniques...

08.05.2017 - Admin

The BBC team was amazed at the innovative techniques and therapies used by Dr. JPS Bhatia in his Alcohol and Drug Rehab facility The Hermitage. 
They were particularly astonished to see the Women integrated treatment ( WIT) wing. This structured program for women rehab is the FIRST of its kind in the world. This program is unique in many ways and has been personally developed by Dr JPS Bhatia by the virtue of his on hand research of more 25 years. 
After speaking to some of the women  patients, the BBC team also realised the magnitude of the taboo , shame and guilt associated with addiction for women in India , especially in Northern India .  There is Zero level acceptance and tolerance by the society for a women addict . They realised that Dr. JPS Bhatia has earned and inspired enormous trust and confidence to have women and their families come for treatment . 
Dr. Bhatia also described to them the difference in the women treatment as compared to men. Some of the women patients also spoke to them about their traumatic  journey under anonymity.
Most of them were sexually and physically molested in childhood by their own relation or authoritative figure of the family. Therefore, said Dr JPS Bhatia there is a major issue of TRUST in their psyche. The safe and secured environment in The Hermitage plays a key role in the recovery of their confidence . That is the basic logic , said Dr. JPSs Bhatia why we have women counselors , psychologists, nurses , maids for the women and family wing.It takes time ,but slowly the women start confiding and start to gain back their lost SELF ESTEEM. 
The process of rehabilitation is longer for women than men. Statistically speaking women relapse is also more dangerous ( a relapsed women usually ends up in emergency).
A woman addict is also more affected by alcohol and drug abuse because of hormonal differences ( esp. Sexual hormones )
All these factors have to be kept in mind and treatment is made accordingly. 
In the end , when Dr JPS Bhatia told the team that we have even successfully treated a pregnant alcohol and drug addict , who gave birth to a normal baby ,they Just couldn't BELIEVE. She was treated during pregnancy without using  antipsychotic drugs, just by healing environment , therapy and counseling. 
The team realized that the comprehensive treatment for women (WIT) is a model rehab for women alcoholic and drug addicts.