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The 20 years long Recovery to life

19.10.2019 - Parminder K Sandhu

After relapsing and going into de-addiction treatment, life sometimes gives a chance to live it again. Many congratulations to Mr.Walia for a massive 20 years long recovery to life , who today, as a sobriety coach and teacher, works to bring the same resources, education, and inspiration to those suffering from addiction.

Many think it is the free will of an addict that they use or abused drugs. The reality is little beyond the picture frame.

Insidious in its nature and development, addiction is widely recognized to be a cunning and baffling disease. Moreover, it has ways and means to sustain itself in the face of resistance. Despite all the negative changes it brings into an addict’s and his family members’ lives (changing a kind person into a hostile one, flipping a perfect gentleman ending up into a lousy and violent individual) the drugging continues and a vicious cycle ensues.

The thawing out process that comes with early sobriety is not easy to maneuver. The external problems and internal beliefs that one has to confront are scary. But with the support of right treatment programme ,professionals and skills learnt by family, one can win life back.

This one-of-a-kind programme at Bhatia Neuropsychiatric Hospital ,is created for people who want to and who are already living a sober life of recovery. Connect with people from all walks of life, share stories of recovery, and find support in this community of people who are invigorated by the many opportunities that come from living a drug free lifestyle.