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'Taala Te Kunjee' an honest attempt

19.12.2017 - Admin

Taala Te Kunjee is an honest attempt of its producers & directors to illuminate the darkness of addiction with the hope of recovery. Taala Te Kunjee, Punjabi for Lock & key, is a documentary set in the Holy City of Amritsar, Punjab. It is an astounding story of five real life heroes, who fought the chronic and disabling disease of addiction and got back to their lives with stronger personalities, fulfilling relationships and tremendous devotion for the betterment of humankind. Every day they wake up with a purpose in their hands. Which is to compassionately assist the people suffering from addiction, Taala Te Kunjee doesn’t not intend to fascinate its viewers with the glamour of drugs. On the contrary , The Taala Te Kunjee was chosen with utmost caution and attention, The team of producers and directors say that they found a massive void in their research because everyone had talked about the problem of addiction but no one had made an attempt to provide any solutions. Taala Te Kunjee, consistent with its name brings to the forefront concept of recovery from addiction. It intends to encourage hope in suffers, hope that recovery from addiction is possible, every Lock has got a key, similarly, every problem has got a solution, so does the problem of addiction.

Taala Te Kunjee, came into Existence with the aim of Bringing Hope to the suffers and their families by elaborating the lives of these five recovered addicts who connected back to themselves, and began to live a dignified life guided by a humane motive.