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29.12.2017 - By Nitin Gupta

" AN ADDICT WILL REMAIN ADDICTED THROUGHOUT HIS LIFE " . This is a taboo and a defunct belief system which a drug addict or an alcoholic has to live with throughout his life . This preconceived notion is proved wrong in the docudrama . It's a REAL story of five addicts who LIVE TO DEFY the very root of this socially acclaimed evil conviction . They rise above their addiction which is an " INCURABLE PROGRESSIVE DISEASE ". It's incurable but not UNTREATABLE. After treatment from Dr Bhatia all of them get involved in living a life of great significance and value. They help fellow addicts by becoming natural role models and lend them HOPE by sharing their own experiences with them . This concept is called FELLOWSHIP OF GIVE AND TAKE. This characteristics of theirs can be equated to a penancing HERMIT. Thus the name HERMITAGE REHABILITATION HOME of Dr. JPS Bhatia ' s rehab center in Amritsar. The docudrama also questions the medieval thoughts associated with addiction . Whether it is addiction of marjuana , hashish , heroine , codeine, cocaine, ecstasy ......lives of the protagonists give us the ultimate answer and HOPE.

Hope for families : The second most important aspect of the recovery in the docudrama is the family's support to these recovery addicts. Wives and mothers have played EXTRAORDINARY part to snatch back their people from death. The tryst with destiny has made them far stronger and better human beings.

Hope for medical experts : It has been a long battle against drugs we have been losing now , almost a century, Therefore, HARM REDUCTION ideology is practiced by most of the medical experts. Here they will see TOTAL ABSTINENCE along with no tobacco concept winning. It gives great hope to medical fraternity also. Infact, belief like these that smoking is not harmful or is a minor hazard is a kind of hopelessness.

Hope for the Society : Once an addict will always remain an addict ........ this needs to change in the psychological understanding of the intelligentsia, opinion gerenerators, the influential and the politiy. The protagonists in the sense totally destroy this school of thought. This concieted thought process is what Shilpi Gulati , the national award winning director has challenged.

The Hermitage has fellowship in thousands who have the kind of lives as our protagonists. The genre of docudrama is just the beginning, but a very strong one at that. I wish that this moving and highly emotional piece of ART is appreciated in the appropriate light. Sensitisation of the world about addiction related success stories is a passion of Dr Jps Bhatia . That day is not far off when people will start looking at addiction in the correct connotation, That IT IS A Disease of Brain and an allergy of body.

By Nitin Gupta