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Taala Te Kunjee : A success story intended to deliver hope to those suffering from addiction

21.12.2017 - Admin

While talking about their creation, Taala Te Kunjee, a documentary addressing the ever rising and major societal problem of addiction in a way that facilitates hope. The team calls it an honest effort dedicated for the welfare of the society. Dr. J.P.S. Bhatia, Addiction Psychiatrist, the brain behind the conceptualization of Taala Te Kunji explains that addiction is an epidemic requiring urgent attention across the globe. He says that everyone talks about the dark aspects of addiction but the need of the hour is to think about the possible solutions. He further adds that, contrary to the general perception, addiction is not a bad habit with hopeless scenario. Addiction like any other mental disorder, is a disease which can be treated. Taala Te Kunjee Punjabi (Lock and Key) is an earnest attempt of the team to facilitate hope to the sufferers and their families. The hope that every lock has a key, every problem has a solution and recovery from addiction is possible. The documentary revolves around the lives of five recovering addicts, it is a heart wrenching narration of their struggle and a cheerful celebration of their victory. Dr. Bhatia says, his practice of 25 years in this field made him realize that sufferers need hope, and professionals need to take up this responsibility and bring light into the darkness. His first attempt in this direction was to establish "The Hermitage" a De addiction and Rehabilitation Centre. This place has served as a platform for him and his team to assist the people in need, help them walk through addiction, come back stronger, get rehabilitated and reintegrated in the society, The Hermitage inspires our work and encourages him to serve the humanity better every day. The Heros of Taala Te Kunjee, work at The Hermitage with the aim of helping others overcome addiction, this is very delighting, says Dr. Bhatia. He explains that sufferers identify with them and idealize them and it paves the way for many recoveries. This is the motivation behind Taala Te Kunjee, he adds, society needs to hear from those who had suffered from the same problem at some point of time. He concludes by saying that Taala Te Kunjee shall make its place in every heart, it is an honest attempt and shall do justice to its purpose by delivering much needed hope in every mind.