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Rewire your brain

01.05.2017 - Admin

How long will it take ??
Finally there is an answer to this question in the world of an ALCOHOLIC  AND HIS FAMILY. 
What we know about the brain is changing at a breathtaking pace.
We thought that we use just parts of it at one point of time. But that's not true, the brain is almost always fully active at all times. 
Every time we earn a new skill , our brain changes......Neuroplasticity. 
Reorganisation in adult brain is what is required for an addictive brain. This can happen by neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity is a phenomenon which helps in construction of new pathways of thought flow and process. 
Neuroplasticity supports recovery  after brain damage .  This is the latest study in the field of brain damage repair. 
Neuroplasticity has three procedures:
1. Chemical : chemical signalling  or increase or decrease of chemical among neurons.  Leads to short term improvement in brain functioning. 
2. Structural changes : this is the way of learning by changing the physical  structure of the brain. This way the circuits of electric implulses generated by neurons are altered positively.  This is a  long term improvement in brain. It takes longer time duration. 
3. Functional changes : these changes in the brain come after long term practice of the chemical and structural changes. These are almost permanent in nature. 
So , when the Hermitage Structured program for alcohol and drug rehab begins ,there is a lot of improvement in the various aspects of our thinking ,action , ideologies, school of thought , faith , love etc ,  almost in all the aspect of our thought process. All this is happening due to short term improvement in brain chemistry and structural  Changes , induced by chemical changes in neurons or brain cells. Some of these changes are induced by medicines also. The counselling and therapies also play a strong positive role. New pathways  are formed which bypass the destroyed or destructive ones. 
After all this , the tragedy is that most feel that the disease of addiction is cured. This is an illusion which needs to be addressed and understood in depth. 
We need to realize that to ultimately make these changes permanent , we have to continue to practice  these new found improvements. This requires constant repetitive action. These repetitive POSITIVE ACTIONS will make these changes in the brain and thought process permanent due to functional changes caused by neuroplasticity. 
It is scientifically proven now that those recovering addicts who have gone through 100 days of rehabilitation have the best chance to recovery. The neuroplasticity transforms the brain and the damaged parts of the brain are  remarkably healed.