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I bring you HOPE ........- Dr Jps bhatia

23.02.2017 - Admin

In the " war against drugs " seminar , Dr Jps Bhatia today showcased winners of this battle. People of Punjab have almost resigned , succumbed to the tyrrany of drugs. This team of recovered addicts totally changed the view of the audiences.  They saw practical work and its result. It was mindboggling for all. 

Then he explained how the family needs to play a pivitol role in the whole process of recovery and treatment.

He said that realizing the importance of counselling in the treatment is ignored. That is why , he said , the government run rehabs are empty. Medicine if given alone is more harmful than the drug itself.

He spoke about addiction being a disease which spread its tanticles over the complete family.  Addict is adictted to a substances , whereas , the family becomes an addict to the patient.

He appreciated the efforts made by Deputy Commissioner , Tarntaran Er. DPS Kharbanda to bring the pillars of democracy  ie police , judiciary, executive , grassroot politicians and society together for this noble cause. .