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Celebrating 550 birth year of Guru Nanak Dev Ji

09.11.2019 - Parminder K Sandhu

I feel privileged that the concept of 'man' as elaborated by Sri Guru Nanak has set up a unique basis for treatment and recovery programme at the Hermitage. Our 550 recovering drug addicts have stepped forward with an agenda to revolutionize our nation and promote drug free life. Manifesting the teachings of guru sahib, our programme has vividly transformed the lives of our patients.

In the first place, Guru Nanak advised all his disciples to completely surrender to God: The only antidote for egoism and vanity is complete surrender to His Will. Only by conquering the self, can one enter the realm of God's Grace.

Likewise, surrender to the programme guide is the epicenter of the treatment and recovery programme at the Hermitage.

He saw only two kinds of people: Gurmukh, the God-oriented and Manmukh, those who are self-centred. A Gurmukh devotes himself to gods programme/guides programme. He practises truth and works for the welfare of self and humankind. Whereas a Manmukh follows his own self will and practices falsehood and suffering.

Guru Nanak gave us the following three pillars of Sikhism: Naam japna, Kirat karni and Vand chakhna.

Naam japna: In Sikhism, everything is connected with the name of God. One can recite the name while being in sangat – congregation of fellowmen in the similar pursuit.

Abiding by this principle, practicing the programme in 'Here & Now' becomes an everlasting curriculum that inculcates the sense of gratitude in one and all.

Kirat karni: earning one's livelihood with honest labor. Kirat is central to the Sikh concept of seva, service.

At the Hermitage, a number of recovering patients help their fellow friends overcome their life situations by relating to their own experiences. Using this protocol strengthens the core of our recovery programme.

Vand chakhna is best explained as 'sharing is caring'.

Having full faith in the treatment and recovery programme, accepting responsibility towards self, family ,society and our environment is kept in focus. It further helps in identification of our diversified roles and perform them with full potential.

When a person follows these three principles, he is well on his way to realizing purpose of his life.

Nanak's teachings rested upon moral conduct and emphasis on moral values.

Here is a catalogue of do's and don'ts :

  • Practise humanity, renounce pride
  • Restrain the mind, remember God
  • Be honest, Watchful
  • Restrain the five evils of passion
  • Rejection of falsehood, selfishness and violence
  • Be content.

Nanak believed in the presence of a soul in every human being. Good actions of a man help the soul to merge with the eternal soul. Evil actions increase the burden of sin for which the soul cannot rise high and remains in darkness. So, on the auspicious occasion of 550th birth anniversary of guru sahib, the Hermitage rehab is honoring 550 recovering addicts on 10th Nov'2019. On the same day, we are also launching an app named "de-addiction" by the Hermitage rehab. With the blessings of Guru Nanak Dev, we are dedicated to serve mankind with more such operations in future.