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Exam stress is faced by most of the students

23.02.2017 - Admin

Exam  stress is faced by most of the  students. Irrespective of their age. When exam are approaching the heartbeat of our patients because of stress reach to a level that cannot be imagined.

But don’t worry BHATIA HOSPITAL provides easy solutions

Exam stress creates panic that leads to anxiety and further to nervous breakdown if not handled properly. To help yourself to come out of such a situations  your first aim should be just  go and sit in the exam without further cognitive processing 

The second fears comes up what if I forget in such situation rely on your memory, make yourself trust your brain and go with the attitude that I am ready

Do not cram the subjects understand the topics and the questions.

Learn stress management techniques and relieve your tension. Do not be afraid of failure they are building block and if you want , you can do anything

Do not overstress yourself by over thinking make exam day feel like a normal day by calming yourself down and practicing relaxation training.