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Dual Diagnosis

12.06.2017 - Admin

Dual diagnosis

Hermitage Integrated Structured program is one of the first programs in India which has integrated treatment for DUAL DIAGNOSED addicts. This means that we have clinicians who work simultaneously in tandem with each other on addiction and mental disorders of the patient UNDER ONE ROOF.

It has been only recently that dual diagnosis has become an integral part of addiction treatment.Realization has come that due to addiction, EMOTIONAL upheavels cause mental disorders like bipolar, schizophrenia, depression, psychosis These usually occur concurrently. Approximately , 70% of addicts fall in the category of dual diagnosis.

Our experience shows that out of all the dual diagnosed addicts , bipolar disorder is the most pertinent. It is difficult to say whether one becomes addict due to being bipolar or vice versa.
Bipolar disorder is a fluctuation of mood without any comprehendable or tangible EXTERIOR AND SITUATIONAL reason. This is a state which l have experienced all my life. My name is Nitin , I am a Recovering addict . My addiction is being treated alongside my mental illness of bipolar disorder. In this I tend to reach a state of insane happiness , called mania. Sometimes I reach a state of intense inexplicable sadness or at times of distress depression.

In both these situations I reach a stage when I have incredibly heightened craving. This is because my impromptu reaction to happiness and despair is alcohol. I am coerced from within . An unstoppable force drags me.

In this kind of a situation a rehab needs to be having clinician managing the craving , and recovery and a set of psychiatrist taking care of my bipolar disorder episodes. This is because these two have to be worked on simultaneously to successfully save the addict with dual diagnosis.