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Deaf And Dumb Alcoholic

07.02.2017 - Admin

Miracles do happen and they happen at the most unexpected time. Some take the natural sensations gifted by God for granted while others crave for the time when they can converse and talk or hear people. Such a case was encountered at The Hermitage where the person who did not possess the special ability to talk or hear was trapped in the net of addiction and came to Bhatia Hospital for his treatment. But with training and proper support the life of this person took a positive turn and this person started expressing his feeling through sign language and a day came when this person crossed this difficult hurdle and started not only expressing but used to share his feelings with other patients through sign language. He even started sharing the mistakes he made in his life and how the young patients present there should learn and not replicate the same. He used to express with so much enthusiasm and zeal that the student present there used to themselves come and talk to him , to such a person who if not handled properly could have been lost in the fear that he was in some way lesser than any other person present there. This person improved and recovered and now is leading a happy and blissful life.