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An Idyll Drug Rehab: The Hermitage By Dr. Nisha Chhabra

19.08.2017 - Admin

The Drug Rehabs often resonate frightening or terrifying echo when they are pondered over in brain. With derogatory attitude towards drug addicts, many atrocities are meted out on them and they are made to undergo a life of drudgery.

                   In this article, I would take you to a mental visit to a Rehab with a difference. Structured with constructive and innovative vision of Dr. J.P.S. Bhatia (a de-addiction expert), it offers an idyllic environ for recovering addicts. Situated in the holy city of Amritsar, this Rehab has been named "The Hermitage". The hermitage is defined as a divine place where the hermits do penance for their union with God. Congruent with this name, our hermitage provides serene environment to the students where they fight with their addiction and get united with their higher selves.

               The lush green surroundings of this Hermitage are an amazing and divine feast to eyes. Its uniqueness lies in a spacious air conditioned hall equipped with beautiful stage, sound system and smart board. The role plays, Psychodramas and cultural events conducted on the stage have therapeutic effect. Here the addicts are dealt with reverence and they stay in well furnished rooms with all the requisite facilities. Gym, Meditation hut, swimming pool, indoor as well as outdoor games, etc. are few of the features. The counseling and psychotherapy sessions are conducted by qualified, competent and experienced staff. Another feature added is Women Integrated Treatment (WIT), the only Rehab for female addicts.

            Guru Nanak's doctrine of collective Langar has been implemented as all the students dine together and serve each other. Helping one another is the Fundamental Motto of the program. These spiritual concepts add on to the magnificence of this place which radiates positivity, power and purpose. A visit to this idyll rehab will surely fill you with divine vibrations never felt before.

         Hoping, this mental imagery with be retained in your brains and the visit will be actualized by you!!!

Dr. Nisha Chhabra