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ALCOHOLISM : Family and addict ( Part 1)

24.04.2017 - Admin

The HONEYMOON PHASE of ALCOHOLISM...or let us say DRINKING ...and the family scene.

The MAN goes to work, few workloads and stresses here and there. But no worries, had recently discovered this HIGH giving nectar, called alcohol, which will take away all the stress and exhaustion... taken with a friend way back home or in a conference or during a cozy romantic chatting with wife at home.

24hrs household chores are running in a normal fashion. Children going to school ,studying, watching TV.. going for their swimming classes. Meals are being relished. The Spirits of the MAN are high, (after few drinks specially) happy and ready to conquer the world for the family.

Family is all smiles, parties and outings ,basking in the glory of security and social graces...after the days and life's worries, if any, The Family knows they can relax and smile as the there....HE also feels...He IS THERE...........

(to be continued).....