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24.04.2017 - Admin


I used to think ......

My bad KARMA brought me to the alcohol rehab.

I cursed myself because an Alcohol rehab  would mean that I am now an official JUNKY . I officially became "a person who does not fit in the normal world ". I am always going to be living as an OUTCAST.

Along with these misgivings came a lurking danger of being mentally tortured , physically abused and fear of given long unending  therapies and counsellings etc.  I thought I was supposed to be brainwashed or hypnotised.  I really thought that it could work for others but not for me. I felt that my problem, situation, mental capacity, knowledge, age , experience are much superior and unique. My thoughts told me that the whole experience will be a failure.

It was a moment of my personal defeat. My will power , self pride , manhood. ...everything  was at stake.

But , now after six years of sobriety and recovery , I realise that I WAS TOTALLY WRONG.

Alcohol rehab is nothing to do with morality, character, value , brainwashing or penance.

(To be cont )