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27.05.2017 - Admin

Alcohol rehab was a weird place.

At least, it was totally different from what I had in mind. Let me elaborate the things I was surprised about : 1. The residents were happy. They were enjoying. 2. I was not being forced to do anything which I did not precieve to be mentioned for me. 3. Everyone was helpful and considerate. 4. The facility was not full of scoundrels. 5. Everyone whom I spoke tovwas courteous. I did not understand why everyone was so happy. Something was different between them and me. I was here after losing almost everything in pride ..... finances and materialistic. I thought I deserved everyone's SYMPATHY. I felt that everyone should PITY me. And that I had the right to cry at the drop of a hair. What confused me was the reason these people were happy , laughing , compassionate and full of HOPE. As I started to know more about the place , I got my ANSWERS. 1. Everyone was happy because they were living in the here and now. 2. Everyone realised that they can live a better life by inculcating positivity. 3. An attitude of helpfulness had evolved by working on one 's own resentments. 4. Slowly , I understood the other addicts , realising therefore that they are not scoundrels, rather more wonderful people than most. 5. The true nature of an addict is being sensitive and courteous.