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Addiction, in my life brought an illusion of satisfaction

09.06.2017 - Admin

Addiction, in my life brought an illusion of satisfaction, accomplishment, achievement and HAPPINESS artificially. When I analyse it today , In that state I forgot or rather it made me  oblivious to my resentments of past and expectations in future . In other words, I was being cut off from  my past and future. This artificially induced a mental state that gave me the much required  pleasure. 
Today ,  I get the same kick of PURE HAPPINESS with a different procedure AND THOUGHT . This phenomenon of complete  transformation of the thought  is called RECOVERY . Let me try and explain how to achieve  this with my own experience. 
I  had a different childhood, my father died early ,when I was just 9 years old. I had  major misgivings of deprivation of a father figure. This lead me to thoughts that I have had a great lost , great many opportunities slipped away etc etc.  This was the source of my prime RESENTMENT. And as you can see THE WHOLE THING IS A FIGMENT OF IMAGINATION OF PAST. A resentment of life. 
The second biggest source of my sorrow was being presumptuous. this caused an agony of fear . I was always afraid of what is going to happen ? Will it be good or bad ? This nature of being conceited and inflexible created havoc in my mind. I was always tense and stressed. This anxiety kept pushing me into a unknown FEAR......A LURKING DANGER. 
After going through The Hermitage Rehab Structured Program , I realised that there is a solution for all this PAIN . I realized that PAIN is inevitable , but suffering is not. I have no power to alter their chronological eventuality but I can alter my attitude. Therefore, I have to LET GO ....AND LET GOD . I REALISED that I am not God. I have no power on these predicaments. 
But , I was confused. I could not decipher my KARMA. For a long duration I kept on soul searching.
FINALLY I STARTED understanding that my most appropriate action was to ACT without preconcieved notion or JUDGMENT. And to APPLY my best knowledge for betterment of myself and others  in " HERE & NOW ". PRESENT (read - gift ) of the almighty to mankind is the only time when we are of any significance, and have any importance or  POWER. 
Rest , I have practice to nurture my trust and faith in MYSELF which reinforces my confidence. 
In the Life Skill Management Institute , THE HERMITAGE I am LEARNING the application and PRACTICING how to harnness this new found strength. 
All this leads to inner peace and faith in destiny. This bliss of life is called present ( God's Gift ).