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Challenging the life controlling problem of addiction

14.05.2018 - Priyadarshini Pant

Addiction, an illness that overpowers the entire life of an individual is well known for it's debilitating and fatal consequences. It is a mental health epidemic that requires urgent attention from professionals, effective handling by families and integration of patients into the treating team.

At The Hermitage, we have victoriously challenged the popularly held belief that addiction has no cure. With our experience, deep understanding, efficient approach and expertise we claim that addiction of any kind, alcoholism, drug addiction, phone/ internet addiction, gambling addiction, love/ relationship/ sex addiction can be treated. Moreover stable long term symptom relief with Rehabilitation is possible for the illness called addiction.

The guiding principal of our unique treatment approach is to look beyond symptoms and assist patients and their families in all the spheres which lead to and maintain the illness.

Families are an integral part of our program because the patient never suffers alone and so healing is required for both, patients and their families.

Dr. J.P.S. Bhatia, a veteran in the field of addiction psychiatry explains why people weigh treatment outcomes for addiction so grim, he says the most unfortunate issue is that the basics of this disease hasn't been understood by most. It is beyond curing the symptoms and the addiction itself, it is about addressing the deeper vulnerabilities which lead to addiction and training patients with efficient coping strategies for relapse prevention.

He concludes by saying that there's Hope for recovery from addiction and we rekindle that hope everyday by helping people get free from the clutches of a life controlling problem of addiction.

Priyadarshini Pant
Clinical Psychologist