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Bipolar In-Order

22.09.2017 - Admin


I have learned to "Deny my mental ILLNESS And Embrace my mental Skillness" . I am proud to be in the club with the likes of Manisha Koirala, Honey Singh ,Deepika padukone, Sinead O Connor, Van Damm ,Catherine Zeta Jones. All of these were diagnosed with one or the other mental Illnesses ,mostly in the category of bi - polar disorder ( leading to mania or Depression). BUT THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS CRAZY in the world of neuro- psychiatric illnesses. Maybe ,we can say that everyone is a little bit mad or crazy. And how much this depends on how LUCKY you are. The phenomenon is recognised as "Bipolar Spectrum" rather than an ILLNESS now.

There is a new research being done on it , constantly. The latest article published in New YORK TIMES "JUST MANIAC ENOUGH". It  deals with the part of study called or rather reframed as the HYPOMANIA "EDGE". It compares bipolar disorder to something like the Engine of a ferrari with no breaks ,trying to find out the best possible ways to get some useful output (skillness) out of it. In mid 90's ,the book ,TOUCHED WITH FIRE talked about many bipolar creative geniuses like Mozart ,Beethoven, Van Gough who committed suicide. John Gardner ,in Hypomaniac Edge talks of business wizards like Steve Jobs possessing the same Creative Edge. All redefine ,deconstruct and reframe the so called Illnesses into the third space ,the NEW SPECTRUM. This spectrum announces that maybe there is no such thing as CRAZY and some people are just more SENSITIVE than others. This SPECTRUM provides a new platform to view this illness as a new opportunity ,a productive opportunity ,to destigmatize the Mental illnesses.