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A Day to Celebrate Happiness

21.03.2018 - Admin

Happiness is the very essence of human lives and a key ingredient for mental health. it is the that one factor that nourishes our mind body and soul and without which we would be nothing but zombies. Recognizing the importance of happiness in our lives March 20th is celebrated as the international day of happiness since 2013. This day is celebrated in order to remind us of our most basic need that is to be HAPPY. Our efforts, travelling for hours, working overtime and odd shifts, living away from family for careers, handling home and work together, etc, are all directed by the basic motive to be happy. The fact however is that we forget to be happy while we multitask day and night to be so. Happiness is a prerequisite, to remain healthy, functional and productive. Being happy makes us immune from lots of psychiatric disorders like depression, anxiety , obsession and many more .The key to be happy is to make a decision and make efforts to be happy and take the responsibility to be happy. Happiness must come from within and must not be blocked by extrinsic factors and influences. Contrary to the general belief remaining happy is easy and this could be achieved by following these simple and practical steps:

Do not snub the child in you who is otherwise happy: All of us have that child within us who is happy and chirpy, problem is we be take up an always so serious approach and snub the child in you who is capable of feeling happy.

Take an optimistic and learners' approach: yes not every person and situation is going to make us happy, and some of them may even count as bad experiences. But remember a bad experience is a bad experience till you count it as a learning experience and look at it optimistically.

Break up with your fixed and rigid thought process and adopt a mind with open windows: Not everyone thinks alike, and the good news is that they need not. So do not be upset with it when someone disagrees with you on something, listening with an open mind and accepting the difference of opinion helps reducing the stress and enhances our social skills. You have a good reason to celebrate individual differences and remain happy.

Your happiness is your own responsibility: Do not depend on others to fulfil your emotional need to be happy, because if they fail to do so you might die unhappy. You can't afford it right? So do not give others the power to decide your emotions and play with your mental health.

Practice Gratitude: Gratitude makes us thankful, it makes us count our joys and in return multiplies our sense of well being. You have a good reason to thank yourself, the people around you and the almighty for all the good things that happen to you.

Create a circle of happiness: structure a social system that supports you, understands you and make you feel wanted and productive. This enhances feelings of belongingness and reduces stress, do the same for others and everybody around you feels happy. this create a circle of happiness which helps us become happy souls.


" Keep happiness as your journey and not the Destination."
"It's a decision and not an option."