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5 Point Solution To Punjabs Drug Problem

07.02.2017 - Admin

In a well calibrated and precise answer to Rajdeep Sardesai , Dr Bhatia explained how there can be total eradication of the disease of addiction.  He called it THE INTEGRATED TREATMENT PROGRAM.
He said that there are five parts to this treatment procedure :
1. Awareness and prevention of drug addiction in the society and the youth. The generation is getting exposed to party drugs and binge drinking at a very early age. They should get the idea of suffering and torture one has to face later on.
2. Those who are already addicted , should have easy availability to detoxification. The initial medical facilities should also not be denied to these patients, which is often the case in drug overdose emergency.
3. A well managed rehab program for the recovering patients should be in place. It should be based on the individual analysis of the recovering addict's requirement.
4. Next , he said that reoccupation of the recovering patient and his family is must. The mainstream society should provide him status and self esteem for  being  financially independent. Discrimination , usually becomes the villain.
5. THE MOST CRUCIAL aspect to achieve all this is a truly well coordinated POLITICAL, SOCIAL , BUREAUCRATIC , EXECUTIVE WILL. They all need to work in sync with each other without looking at PREJUDICES & PETTY gains.