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It took only one drag of smack for jasbeer


By looking at Jasbeer you will see a very lively helpful and happy go lucky person. But the unforgiving nature of addiction robbed him of his good nature. Addiction took away everything from him and he never looked back from that point.

Initially his working efficiency increased many folds. He could work consistently for long hours, as a result good money started pouring in. But very soon this romantic association with drugs got over. Heavy and frequent use was becoming common as a result he met with three serious accidents and going in and out of rehabs. His family had disowned him, the society boycotted him and even his sisters begged him not to come to their houses under any circumstances. Sharing infected syringes caused him Hepatitis C. Finally he had to admit to his family to seek professional help.


At this low point in his life his wife discovered the hermitage. It took time for him to realize that this rehab program was going to end all his miseries. The first sign that this rehab program was different from other 12 step program was when he started to develop confidence in himself, the confidence that he could work consistently for longer hours without the need of drugs. He was able to take life as a game and started learning the rules of playing this game at hermitage.

"I would like to heartily thanks the hermitage staff for giving me the new life, my batch-mates who were always with me and special thanks to Dr JPS Bhatia and my family who always stood with me " says Jasbeer.