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— About The Hermitage

Hermitage Rehab is a brain child of Dr Jps bhatia. It commenced it's operations ,with only four patients, in the year 2008 as the FIRST private residential rehab in Punjab. It was a path breaking step because, at that time, there was a great influence and blind faith in God-men and Black magic. People believed in pseudo - manhoodism and will-power to control post-detoxification CRAVINGS & WITHDRAWALS. So, the patients were asked to become superman of WILL POWER, and for this, they were taken to one god man or to another for black magic.

But, this was humanly not possible and total insanity. Dr. JPS Bhatia could feel this and empathise with these people.
This ignorance was causing much torture, relapses and PAIN. Dr. JPS Bhatia took upon him to bring in some change.
Knowing very well that it might not be economically non-viable, he still started The Hermitage.
Teleologically speaking, the idea worked wonders. It helped to complete the treatment of addiction in it's TRUE essence. Slowly, a revolution started because the success - rate of treatment jumped. These astounding results started changing the psychology of the patients and their families about the efficacy of black-magic other superstitious beliefs.
A revolution had begun.

At present, The Hermitage (Life Skills Management And Training Institute) is a well established and developed Structured Program which can completely transforms a patient's life. It changes a person Physically, Mentally, and Spiritually.

This process is thoroughly PROFESSIONAL. It includes various kinds therapies ( Individual and Groups ). These therapies are Conventional and Experiential, both. One of our CUTTING EDGES is our COACHES. This gives the patients a great boost and confidence. Coaches are the alumni who regularly share their experiences of pain , acceptance, surrender, fear , embracing, happiness, satisfaction, celebrating etc on voluntary basis . These gives a great confidence to the patients. Many of patient select role model amongst these coaches. Some actually get the basic zeal to live back after seeing somebody who fought back from a situation exactly like theirs. The coaches understand these inner termoils and traumatic situations and thoughts of the patients , because they must have gone through such situations during their addiction times.

This is an original and unique character of The Hermitage.